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Curriculum Vitae


  • PhD, 2014     Johns Hopkins University, The Humanities Center

  • MA, 2011      Johns Hopkins University, Philosophy

  • BA, 2008       University of California Berkeley, Rhetoric and Philosophy


  • "Qu’est-ce que la métaphysique positive?" in La métaphysique et les sciences au XIXe siècle en France, eds. Delphine Antoine-Mahut and Samuel Lézé (Brill: Leiden, NL, 2023), page forthcoming.

  • “Maine de Biran and Neurology” in Posterities of Maine de Biran’s Physiospiritualism, ed. Manfred Milz (Brill: Leiden, NL, 2023), page forthcoming.

  • "Bergson, Servant of Colonialism: Education and Empire in North Africa under the French Third Republic," Bergsoniana, vol. 2 (2022): 41-54. 

  • "What We Talk About When We Talk About Data," Medium, Feb. 23 (2022): page online. 

  • “Mapping the Kitchen (and Other Distant Lands),” Medium, Oct. 1 (2020): page online. 

  • “Freedom needs friction: lessons in choice from French history,” Aeon, Sep. 23 (2020): page online.

  • “Caught in Eye Trackers’ Blind Spots: Adapting Vision Studies to Ethnographic Field Research,” Human-Computer Interaction: Human Interface and the Management of Information, vol. 11569 (2019): 76-88.

  • “Eye Tracking in Medical Ethnography: Evaluating Evidence for Perception, Action, and Collaboration across Healthcare Professions,” Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Proceedings, vol. 1 (2018): 144-158.

  • “Moderating Styles: Understanding Diverse Techniques for Root Cause Analysis,” Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, vol. 62, no. 1 (2018): 605-609. With Kathryn Tippey, Mary Yovanoff, and Peter Sneeringer.

  • “Intellectual Ambassadors: Building Peace Across the Atlantic in the Early 20th Century,” History of Humanities, vol. 3, no. 1 (2018): 159-175

  • “Historiography, Affect, and the Neurosciences,” History of Psychology, vol. 20, no. 2 (2017): 129-147. 

  • “Confronting the Brain in the Classroom: Lycée Policy and Pedagogy in France, 1874 - 1902," History of the Human Sciences, vol. 28, no. 1 (2015): 3-24

  • “Alfred Fouillée Between Science and Spiritualism,” Modern Intellectual History (Oct. 2014): 1-23

  • “The Brain in the Third Republic: Science, Pedagogy, and National Regeneration,” Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, vol. 42 (2014)

  • “Bergson Comes to America,” Journal of the History of Ideas, vol. 74, no. 4 (Oct. 2013): 599-620


Professional Appointments

  • 2022 –             Amazon, Research leader for Prime Video 

  • 2019 - 22       Facebook, Senior User Researcher 

  • 2017-19         Design Science, Consultant

  • 2015-17         Wesleyan University, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow

  • 2014-15         Johns Hopkins University, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Book Reviews

Book Reviews

  • “Dana Simmons. Vital Minimum: Need, Science & Politics in Modern France.” H-France Reviews (Jul. 2016)

  • “From the Globe to the Brain and Back. Lynn Hunt, Writing History in the Global Era.” Los Angeles Review of Books. (Oct. 2015)

  • “Warren Breckman. Adventures of the Symbolic: Post-Marxism and Radical Democracy,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 129, no. 5 (Dec. 2014)

  • “Andrew Jewett. Science, Democracy, and the American University,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 128, no. 5 (Dec. 2013)

  • “Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen. American Nietzsche. A History of an Icon and His Ideas,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 127, no. 5 (Dec. 2012): 1263-67

  • “Peter Gordon. Continental Divide. Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 126, no. 5 (Dec. 2011): 1140-44

  • “Stefanos Geroulanos, An Atheism that Is Not Humanist Emerges in French Thought,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 125, no. 5 (Dec. 2010): 1164-67

  • “Judith Butler. Frames of War: When is Life Grievable?,” Modern Language Notes, vol. 124, no. 5 (Dec. 2009): 1233-36

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